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April 2011

Build Social Landing Pages in Three Easy Steps

By: Ramin Zamani in Cross-Media Marketing

Today’s fast paced electronic world requires that businesses keep a watchful eye on their cross-media marketing strategies. An overwhelming number of marketers consider social media to be integral to their strategies, and 70% plan to increase their social media budget by more than 10% this year, according to a poll from Effie Worldwide and Mashable.

As this number continues to increase, modern businesses must find better ways to incorporate social into their cross-media marketing efforts in order to be competitive. This brings a unique opportunity for print and marketing service providers to offer a value-added service to their existing customers and prospects. Incorporating social into the cross-media campaign landing page is a great way to expand communications about your clients’ products or services.

First Step – Connect your landing page with the Big 3

Luckily, integrating the major social networking sites into a cross-media marketing campaign is not that difficult. World class cross-media solutions allow the marketer to add “share” buttons to their landing pages that connect to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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On the Road to Marketing Services Provider

By: Robert Carrier in Coach’s Corner

Some of you may have heard of PULP. We are the little printer in Tennessee that could. In spite of odds that told us we would likely fail, we made the journey to become a Marketing Services Provider. We now manage the entire marketing process from strategy to execution. Our services go well beyond those of the typical print service provider to include those services normally reserved for the advertising or marketing agency. Oh yeah, and we still print.

We shared the method of our success through the Street Level Project and today help dozens of so-called competitors making the same transition. Although the margins from our traditional print revenue streams continue to shrink, the high value sales of marketing services more than bridge the gap. We are a different kind of business today.

From a personal perspective, the road traveled on the journey from Print Service Provider to Marketing Services Provider has been an amazing one. I’m not a player of video games, but I imagine my journey held lots of similarities. Along the road, there were potholes and rainbows, land mines and rewards. Some days we were a few points ahead of the game, and other days we were down buy several points. There were cross-media campaigns that were winners and others that were real losers.

I also met a lot of strangers along the way that I would now call friends. So many, in fact, that there is no way I can list them here. When asked to write an article about this journey and the things that made a difference in our transition, the people, these strangers that became friends, took center stage in my mind. There were consultants, sales people, trainers, speakers, and even customers, that all added to the wealth of knowledge that have made PULP and the Street Level Project a success.

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Best Practices for Executing Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns

By: Torey Pickard in Cross-Media Marketing

Launching a cross-media marketing campaign is challenging. These are best practices for executing a relevant and effective cross-media marketing campaign flawlessly.

Begin with the Data

Start with the original data your customer provides, whatever the source. You must evaluate it to make sure it suits the campaign’s needs. Do you have all the data necessary to execute the cross-media marketing campaign you planned? If you’re planning additional automated touches, make sure email addresses or mobile numbers are included (or make a plan to collect those at the first touch).

With any cross-media marketing campaign, you must begin with the end in mind. That’s because data isn’t just what you start with; it’s the information you’re hoping to gather. Data is everything you learn about the individual respondents, the segment you’re marketing to, and your data sources. You want to collect the right data that will further your customer’s goals in future marketing campaigns.

Set Expectations

Before a cross-media marketing campaign gets anywhere near launching, it’s essential to set customer expectations. Success is measured very differently for every customer and every campaign. It’s your job to properly manage the expectations of everyone involved.

Be careful that you don’t set expectations based on response measurement. Measurement is something you sell, but all too often it just proves that the customer’s traditional marketing approach hasn’t been working. As the messenger, your customer might consider you responsible for the results.

In light of that fact, it’s important to set expectations very low for a customer’s first cross-media marketing campaign. You don’t know the results of their traditional outreach, so it’s difficult to predict the outcome of the campaign. In addition, you’ve yet to learn anything about their target audience, so you can’t expect to prepare a relevant, effective campaign. Things will always improve because the knowledge you learn in one cross-media marketing campaign will carry over to the next. As the cycle repeats, it will grow stronger.

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Improving Off-Page Optimization and Avoiding SEO Traps

By: Pouyan Paryas in Tech Corner

In my last post, I shared a few tips to better optimize your website via On-Page SEO. Although Off-Page factors are more important than On-Page, they are out of the SEO expert’s control.  One of the most important factors is incoming links or backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites into the page or website and they are very important to the search engines. Meanwhile, links from famous sites like CNN, BBC, Yahoo, or are much more effective than ordinary sites.

Improving Off-Page Optimization

Here is a list of  Off-Page tips to improve your site’s search engine results:

Using Social Media

When putting a website’s contents, news or new information into the social media, it is very helpful to have backlinks. In order to put a website’s contents in the social media, put the links into those contents and avoid rewriting the same content. Here are the most important Social Media:,,,,,,, (for photos), and (for presentations). For uploading movies, it is highly recommended to use, because Search Engines like this site for indexing movie information.

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