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Professional Services

Take an advanced route by letting MindFire’s Professional Service department fulfill your campaign needs. Professional Services can work to scope, price, and deliver your campaign.

We offer a wide range of services:

Creative Design: Your customer may have a truly unique or complex campaign design that can only be fulfilled through customized campaign development. Professional Services offers Flash Animation design, PHP, JSP, mobile phone design, and advanced techniques to minimize spam.

Campaign Production: The sky is the limit. From auto-save, multi-page surveys to sophisticated ongoing marketing programs with multi-touch lead scoring, our advanced professional services team is ready to meet your needs.

Custom Programming: Professional Services strives for the unimaginable. We can create custom admin panels to delete live records, build online ordering systems, and create entirely new campaign automation.

Data Integration: Let us simplify your workflow. With advanced integration, data can be passed to and from client data warehouses or leads can be integrated with and other CRM solutions.

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