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QR codes and Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is quickly becoming an essential ingredient for success in marketing campaigns. According to Forrester’s study on Interactive Advertising Models completed in July 2009, mobile advertising in the US will grow from $391 million in 2009 to $1.2 billion in 2014. This increase represents a 27% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), making mobile marketing second only to social media marketing with a CAGR of 34%.

With mobile marketing on the rise, LookWho’sClicking® can help you generate additional revenue by integrating print, web and mobile into your marketing campaign using SMS and QR codes.

SMS communication

Short Message Service (SMS), also often referred to as texting or text messaging, has become a popular way of communication, especially among teens and younger adults. According to Nielsen Mobile, the typical U.S. mobile subscriber sends and receives more SMS text messages than telephone calls.

With LookWho’sClicking, you can:

  • Send personalized SMS reminders your webinar attendees one hour before the event
  • SMS your sales team immediately after a prospect has downloaded a whitepaper from your microsite
  • Set up and send triggered text messages to respondents who meet certain criteria
  • Schedule and send daily SMS text messages to all attendees at a trade show with a special offer if they visit your booth
  • And many more…

LookWho’sClicking’s SMS functionality not only differentiates you from other service providers, but also improves your clients’ campaign results by sending timely, personalized text messages that immediately impact the target audience.

QR codes

A Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode that can store data such as contact information, calendar events, URLs, phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses, or any other text up to 7,089 characters. A barcode reader application installed on a mobile device or a handheld scanner connected to a computer can read QR codes.

QR Codes act as physical hyperlinks; they link offline to online and print to mobile. They can be placed on a business card, a catalog, a direct mail piece, or a product label to link the marketing piece to the Internet.

With LookWho’sClicking, you can use QR Codes in a variety of ways:

QR Codes on a direct mail piece: A common use case of QR Codes in marketing campaigns is storing a URL in a QR Code and printing it on a direct mail piece as a response mechanism. When recipients scan the barcode with their mobile device, they’ll connect to a landing page where they can find more information about the product or service being marketed.

QR Codes can store both generic and personalized URLs. When using personalized QR Codes, you can increase your response rate by also personalizing the landing pages linked to the barcode and delivering a more targeted message.

QR Codes on a product or corporate brochure: You can engage customers by printing brochures with a QR Code that links visitors to a web page containing product demonstration, video testimonials, FAQ, etc.

QR Codes on press ads: Not everyone is at a desk or in front of a computer when reading a magazine or newspaper. By placing a QR Code on your press ad, readers can link to you no matter where they are.

QR Codes on promotional items: Place a QR Code on giveaways such as T-shirts and coffee mugs and bring them to life.

Used creatively, QR Codes engage prospects and increase response rates by offering a convenient and relevant channel for communication.

Download our QR Code FAQ to learn more.